Knee Replacement Success!

“I was leaning on the bed to get the pillows out of the headboard and I heard a click.” It was just a simple lean over the bed—but it cost William Claypool his knee. “I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t clean, I couldn’t do most anything that required standing for any period of time,” he said.

Steve Bigley (Hip Replacement)

“The recovery was great, I went back to work in three weeks with no cane, no walker and driving myself. As far as exercise, I went back to the gym on day 11.”

Steve Garvey (Hip Replacement)

“I never had any real pain, just some aching. But that’s pretty normal for major surgery. At one month out this time, I was probably where I was with my previous hip surgery at about two and a half months.”

Back in the swing (Hip Replacement)

“Popular TV newsman John White got his groove back after undergoing anterior approach to total hip replacement at Desert Regional Medical Center.”


Rehabilitate (defined) v., to restore to customary activity through education and therapy.

Naturally, the kind of rehabilitation needed to achieve the goal of restoring normal activity and the time and effort it will take varies with the nature and severity of each patient’s specific injury or condition. What doesn’t vary is the need for specialized, focused, comprehensive care, whether a patient is being treated for a one-time problem or for a long-term condition.

Whether a surgical or non-surgical solution is the correct treatment choice, rehabilitation is an integral part of the recovery process. The rehabilitation staff at ICON are an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team, all working together to restore function as quickly and safely as possible.

Rehabilitation is more than applying a brace or specific technique. It is a comprehensive program designed not only to eliminate the deficits of an injury or musculoskeletal problem, but prevent it from returning.

ICON’s rehabilitation staff employ a variety of advanced techniques designed to restore normal strength, motion, and flexibility and reduce pain as quickly and safely as possible. The physicians and rehabilitation specialists devote their efforts toward achieving optimal function for every patient. They specialize in the treatment of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders including pre-and post-operative care programs.

Since each patient’s injury is unique and requires individualized assessment and treatment, within the ICON continuum of care, rehabilitation plays an extensive role. Therapists work with each patient’s physician(s) to establish an accurate diagnosis quickly and develop a plan of care that fits the needs of each of our patients.

Our rehabilitation staff specializes in:

  • Assessment and treatment of injuries of the foot, ankle, shoulder, knee, spine, hip, wrist, hand, and elbow
  • Advanced evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal problems, such as sports-related injuries, occupational injuries, and injury prevention on the playing field as well as in the workplace
  • Evaluation and treatment of spinal injuries and educational programs on spine care
  • Development of biomechanical braces and supports for the foot, and custom sports braces and athletic pads
  • Advanced manual therapy/mobilization of the spine and extremities