Joint and Spine Pavilion

A Dedicated Wing for Joint and Spine Patients with Specialized Orthopedic Care

Joint replacement and spine surgery patients enjoy their own dedicated wing at the hospital. At the Joint and Spine Pavilion, orthopedic patients are grouped together to recover from their surgical procedures in a wellness-based environment. The Pavilion is staffed with a support team that specializes in the care of orthopedic patients. Private, ergonomically-designed rooms with wheel-in and wheel-out showers along with a convenient on-site therapy gym complete the wellness approach. Patients even receive a souvenir T-shirt and matching gym shorts they can wear to their therapy appointments during their stay.

Minimally-invasive surgical techniques and multimodal pain management – focusing on preventing pain before it starts – early ambulation, and on-site rehabilitation all contribute to a short hospital stay and a quick recovery.

Typically, patients are standing a few hours after joint replacement surgery, then walking short distances down the hallway. Within two days, patients are often doing laps around the nurse’s station and ready to return home.

“We have geared our program to promote rapid recovery,” said Douglas Roger, MD, Director of the Joint Replacement Program at ICON. “We know that patients do better at home recovering in their own comfortable surroundings.”

The average hospital stay for joint replacement patients at the Joint and Spine Pavilion is just two nights, with many patients in just overnight.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the Joint and Spine Pavilion call (760) 416-4511.