ICON is moving

The Institute of Clinical Orthopedics and Neurosciences at Desert Regional Medical Center has transitioned its practice to Desert Care Network Primary & Specialty Care. For advanced orthopedics and neuroscience services, from diagnosis to outcome, under the direction of specially-trained, board-certified physicians, please visit our new home on the Web at desertcaredocs.com.

For Neurological Services, go to www.DesertCareNeuro.com

For Orthopedic Services, go to www.DesertCareDocs.com/ortho


“I was leaning on the bed to get the pillows out of the headboard and I heard a click.” It was just a simple lean over the bed—but it cost William Claypool his knee. “I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t clean, I couldn’t do most anything that required standing for any period of time,” he said. Read more of William's Testimonial

- William Claypool (Knee Replacement)

“The recovery was great, I went back to work in three weeks with no cane, no walker and driving myself. As far as exercise, I went back to the gym on day 11.” Read more of Steve's Testimonial

- Steve Bigley (Hip Replacement)